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Absolute GreenLine Experience

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Conscious of its responsibility towards the environment and the challenges related to sustainable development, Rivercap introduces ABSOLUTE GREEN LINE.

Choosing ABSOLUTE GREEN LINE means selecting packaging in line with your values and actively contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint of your wines, while still creating a strong emotional connection with your clients.










Absolute GreenLine Technology

The Absolute Green Line capsule ensures to reduce the emission of CO2 equivalent by 80%* thanks to the use of bio-based PE and water-based ink.
The annual production* of Absolute Green Line foils would absorb the CO2 emissions of 190 cars or a distance of 2.170.000 mi/year. This figure amounts to CO2 emissions caused by the annual electric consumption of 860 American households.

Absolute GreenLine by Sparflex


The ABSOLUTE GREEN LINE polylaminate capsule offers a wide range of colours on various thicknesses. It can be personalised using hot stamping, inside colouring, and painted or blind embossing on top. The ABSOLUTE GREEN LINE polylaminate capsule, made from bio-based PE, gives the same technical performance as those made from petro-chemical based PE.

Etiquettes Absolute GreenLine by Sparflex


Made of a natural fibre-based paper, the ABSOLUTE GREEN LINE label blends environmental awareness with high print quality on a perfectly white base.



LINEA is a Packaging Design agency specializing in Wine and Spirits. Our intervention and know-how linked to our diverse personalities gives us the right to claim a unique expertise in our area and to take a firm stance within our profession. We offer you an expert vision of the market place as well as a contemporary and passionate approach to design packaging.

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Operating from Cognac since 1865, LITHOBRU is a specialised printer of packaging for premium brands of wines and spirits: adhesive and wet glue labels, cases, boxes and tubes. Offset printing with hot stanping, embossing, varnishing and UV

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