Rivercap´s capsule showroom, open to wineries

Thursday, 24 / February / 2022

The capsule of the wine bottles is one of the first points of contact for customers with the product produced by the wineries. So a quality capsule, easy to open and attractive in design, will favor the positive feeling of the consumer in their user experience. It is an identifying element, and also a differentiator, of a brand or a winery and is integrated into the packaging which, together with the label and glass, is becoming more and more important every day in the world of wine.

It is this philosophy that led Rivercap to launch the Capsule Creation Workshop, in which its clients and collaborators have an exclusive space in which to create and test the models for the new overcapping of their wines.

Emma Bañuelos, responsible for this project, drives this co-creation process. “The work of Rivercap, and especially of this Workshop, is to add value to packaging through the capsule, thus collaborating with our clients to differentiate themselves in a very competitive market. Colours, finishes, materials, technical knowledge… We put everything at your disposal to be able to find the best result”.

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