Wednesday, 20 / February / 2013

Would you like to open your bottles easily?

Rivercap launches the Easy River Technology for Aluminum Capsules.

The single-piece Aluminum Capsule arouses great interest among European Wineries and continues with a strong  potential for the future. The single- piece capsule is formed with the same technologies used to create Tin Capsules (punched).

As a premium product, Aluminum gives a refined finish, while being higly recyclable and 100% corrosion resitant.

For those reasons and because in RIVERCAP we think that Innovation is the key for the capsules market, we have launched for 2013 the "Easy River" Technology.

"EASY RIVER" is a discreet tear-off, that allows a clean cut when opening the bottle. The Capsule opens perfectly, avoiding any risk of cutting.