New partnership with Snoqualmie Winery

Monday, 19 / September / 2016

 Absolute Green Line, the new generation of eco-designed wine capsules, Partners with Snoqualmie Winery, Washington State's largest certified Organic Vineyard

 We are proud to announce a partnership with Snoqualmie Winery. Our company located in Benicia, California and the winery in Paterson, Washington, have joined forces to produce a sustainable wine package with release of Absolute Green Line (AGL) capsules.

Increasingly, consumers demand sustainably produced products, and winemakers are eager to extend their environmentally responsible farming and winemaking methods to wine packaging. Rivercap AGL is an ecological alternative, a capsule fashioned with bio-based polyethylene produced with sugar cane and water based-inks, istead of oil and solvents. Sugar cane is a renewable resource, and like all plants, it absorbs green-house gases during cultivation. This, together with the move from solvent-based inks to water-based inks, means that Rivercap AGL capsule reduces its emmision of CO2 by 80%.

The first Snoqualmie wines to feature the new capsule are the 2014 red wines and 2015 white wines. Snoqualmie winemaker Joy Andersen said, "I'm delighted that Rivercap's Absolute Green Line capsule is now a part of Snoqualmie wine package. The AGL capsule provides wonderful opportunity to strenghten the winery's commitment to fostering a suistanable environment."

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