Press Realease- SPARFLEX SA acquires 100% stake in RIVERCAP SA.

Monday, 04 / May / 2015

SPARFLEX now holds 100% stake in RIVERCAP since Q1 2015 and confirms its commitment to accelerate its growth and international expansion in the market for capsules for Champagne, Wines and Spirits capsules.


The acquisition is the result of a merger initiated in 2010 between the Spanish company RIVERCAP SA and the French company SPARFLEX SA. After five years of marketing, commercial and industrial synergies between the two entities, 5 strategic areas have been developed to meet the expectations of their prestigious clients: Innovation, Advanced Technology, Creativity, Development of high-end products, Customer Service.      



Located in the heart of Champagne, SPARFLEX has been assisting customers worldwide for 30 years by designing, producing and marketing brand image for packaging of Champagnes, Wines, Spirits and other prestigious drinks. Today Sparflex controls the entire packaging creation chain, from upstream strategic  brand building, to design and production of the various components dressing a bottle (Champagne capsules, Wire hoods and Labels). A strategic thinking and comprehensive graphic design, consistent with the technical and industrial approach.



RIVERCAP SA was founded in 1990 in the heart of Rioja Appellation and holds a position among the world leaders in capsules for capping bottles of Still wines and Spirits. As a dynamic company, Rivercap masters the most innovative technologies, enabling the offering of unique and tailored products for each market. It offers tin capsules, for the most prestigious ones, then aluminum, polylaminated, PVC, and screwcaps. Rivercap SA sells more than 760 million capsules in 37 countries for generating annual revenue of € 35 million.

The SPARFLEX Group currently generates a turnover of € 75m and has production facilities in France, Spain and the United States. Its commercial presence has significantly strengthened since 2010 in Germany, Italy, South Africa, Japan, Australia and Latin America.




USA Contact – Karen McCarty, Benicia Plant Manager

Phone: (001) 707 752 8601- E-mail:

EUROPE Contact- Julie Renault, Public Relations Manager for Europe

Phone: +33 326 53 11 94 – E-mail:

Jose Sáenz de Santa María, CEO RIVERCAP

Phone: +34 609 13 63 11- E-mail: