A marriage of character


A marriage of character

A marriage of character

Made in two pieces, the Polylaminate Capsule is a compound of aluminum and polyethylene. With unlimited colours, shades and many possibilities of finish, the Polylaminate Capsule brings character to your product.

Made in 2 pieces, the Polylaminate Capsule provides many possibilities of Innovation.


Rivercap proposes 3 innovative technologies:

Creative Digital

CREATIVE DIGITAL is a digital printing technology. It ensures reproducibility and finesse of even the most elaborate designs and facilitates the integration of variable data on each capsule. CREATIVE DIGITAL makes each polylaminate capsule truly unique. 

Absolute Green Line, Naturally essential

A truly ecological alternative, the ABSOLUTE GREEN LINE polylaminate capsule combines bio-based polyethylene (PE) with acrylic inks, with renewable materials replacing oil and solvents.

With ABSOLUTE GREEN LINE, packaging helps to preserve resources and respect the terroirs. 

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Touch Line, the expression of your senses

The Touch Line is a textured polylaminate capsule whose process of extrusion allows the texture to retain after spinning.

The technology is available in two finishes:

- Touch Line LINEN: provides a soft feel made by its "thin line" texture inspired by the silk.

- Touch Line BRUSHED: with dense lines and metallic style with brushed appearance.