Sophistication and elegance

Over the years, the packagings have been gaining sophistication and elegance, in the image of the great sparkling wines that they propose to beautify.

The Premium capsule, equipped with a printed paper head, can be personalized using hot printing, interior varnish, four-color printing, cut-outs, integrated collars, etc ...

Made in a complex (mix of aluminum and polyethylene), it protects the cap and provides consumers with a guarantee of the integrity of the product before consumption.


Absolute Green Line

Naturally essential

ABSOLUTE GREEN LINE is the new generation of eco-design sparkling wine capsules. The Absolute Green Line Sparkling Wine Capsule is made from bio-based polyethylene (sourced from sugar cane) and water-based inks, renewable materials that replace petroleum-derived polyethylene and solvent-based inks used in standard capsules.

Touch Line

The awakening of the senses.

This capsule, made of a textured aluminum complex, provides a sensual finish that plays with light and offers excellent texture permanence after bottling. TOUCH LINE offers a visual and tactile effect that will make your packaging extremely attractive.