Since 1957, Enoplastic has been the leading group in the production of capsules and guarantee closures for the most prestigious brands in the wine, sparkling, spirits, oil and vinegar industries.

State-of-the-art technical and aesthetic solutions, capable of meeting the most challenging requirements in terms of quality and customization.



In 1984, Michel and Jocelyne Soutiran, founders of Sparflex, have discovered that the packaging does not respond only to the criteria of protection, conservation and safety, but the most important should be the expression of the brand. Today, Sparflex proposes a design/creation service to its customers, and produces high end foils and wirehoods for Champagne and Sparkling Wines.

Le Muselet Valentin ensures the high-level performance of its industrial plant by constantly investing in new technologies and has a range of machines which have been fully developed by its own engineers and technicians, where tradition and innovation are combined and older and new-generation machines sit side by side.

The goal of our approach to quality is to improve the company’s performance in the interest of clients.

Maverick Enterprises is a privately owned company that produces capsules and alternative closures for the wine, distilled spirits, and specialty food and beverage industries.   Since our foundation in 1992, Maverick has grown to service not only Northern California Wineries, but customers all across the US, Canada, Mexico and areas of South America and Australia.  Our unique approach to production and attention to detail makes our products and company an invaluable resource to our customers. 

From a family business to a company with a strong international vocation, the creation of a project and challenge that stand the test of time.

PE.DI produces crown caps and bidules for fermentation. Our crown caps are also suitable for bottling wine, beer, water and soft drinks

We are the owners of the PEDISTRIP® brand, tamper evident seal cap with tear-off tab, suitable for packaging liqueurs, spirits, wine, juices and non-carbonated drinks  in general.

A tear-off cap suitable for the HO.RE.CA and ON-TRADE markets, for the niche single-dose of the  pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and aesthetic industries.